The Ahmadiyya Sect of Islam

The Ahmadiyya group is one fast growing movement of Islam which is considered heretical by most Muslims. They do have quite a number of peculiar understandings. We will not enter into the discussion of their orthodoxy in the Islamic sense. This is for the Muslims to discuss among themselves.

The Ahmadiyya have produced in particular some elaborate responses to Christianity that differ strongly from the classical arguments of the other Muslims but their innovative attacks have shaped much of current Muslim polemics. In this section we will make available articles responding to their special approach, reasons and presentations.

  • Ahmadiyya in the Balance
  • Sin and Salvation in Christianity and Ahmadiyya - Islam
  • Ahmadiyya Claims Examined
  • Short history of the beginnings of the Ahmadiyya Movement
  • Steven Masood's book Jesus and the Indian Messiah gives detailed information on the development on various Ahmadi doctrines and theories.
  • "Did Jesus go to India?" : Some articles about the origin of this claim: [1], [2], [3], [4]. Some try to appeal to Bhavishya Maha Purana, but that is not a reliable source, cf. [1], [2].
  • Book recommendation: The Ahmadiya Movement: The Religious Life of India by H. A. Walter. It does not only refute the Ahmadiya claims about Jesus surviving crucifixion and the claim that the tomb of Jesus is in Kashmir but also discusses many other topics such as ‘the Ahmadiya Movement and Orthodox Islam’, ‘The Ahmadiya Movement and Christianity’ and much more.


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