The Muslim who-when-where-how-what-why-multi-problem

Many Muslims claim that the Bible has been tampered with and corrupted.

Any event in real life reality with human agents has certain characteristics and conditions attached to it. Any such act is done by one or more particular persons, at one or more specific times, in a certain fashion, in certain places, and for a reason. I hope everybody can agree with that.

So, to make your claim of tampering credible you will have to answer these questions:

  • When happened this tampering? [Before or after Muhammad]?
  • Who did the tampering?
  • Where was it done? [city, country, ...?]
  • What parts of the text were changed?
  • How was it done [i.e. without leaving traces of it]?
  • Why would anybody do this incredibly difficult thing?

    No Muslim could ever answer these questions. I wonder why?? Maybe because it is such an incredible feat that would require more than a miracle do get done? Believing in the tampering needs a lot of faith. Blind faith, against the manuscript evidence we have.

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