Once I even read the claim that Psalm 1 talks about Muhammad. If one has a very high view of Muhammad, I can understand where this error comes from, but it is clearly a misunderstanding of the Psalm:

The Muslim quoted and asked:

This is like saying when a newspaper writes about an Arab that this is Muhammad, because Muhammad was also an Arab. Should I be in disagreement then I have to explain each time in particular why it does not refer to Muhammad. No, the one who claims so should bring the evidence. Nevertheless, ... it is not about Muhammad for this reason:

Psalm 1 does not speak about any specific person, it is not a prophecy, it is a general exhortation to all people to be diligent in studying God's law and to walk in uprightness and keep away from the wicked.

To say it specifically speaks about Muhammad is a misinterpretation of a text which speaks about general principles as if it were about one person.

This should settle the case. But if you want to be very specific, then let me give you a more literal translation of verse two:

Muhammad did not meditate on the Torah, and did not delight in it. He had no access to it and didn't know it because he couldn't read it and was not taught it. Furthermore, the word translated "LORD" is the personal name of God, YAHWEH which was not used by Muhammad either. He did not know God as Yahweh.

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