When I came to Bareilly I had no Church affiliation. I was simply an ex-Romanist. My sentiments regarding the Church were as already stated. It was natural that after leaving the Roman Church I should seek readmission to the Anglican, my original home after leaving Islam. I found this readmission rather a difficult proposition as it was tied down with my seeking an appointment at the same time. My offer of service to the Anglican Church was not accepted by them.

In Bareilly I came in close contact with Methodism. My only knowledge of it was through the fellowship that I had enjoyed with Dr. Millicans Khan, who lived out and out as a good Methodist. In the Seminary I had personal and close contact with some who were its representatives. Rev. J Devadasan's life was such a contrast to what I had found in others holding a similar position in their Churches. His meekness, gentleness and good nature bore witness to his real Christian life. He was an evangelist at heart, a man of prayer and a student of the Bible. He administered the office of the Principalship not only in a democratic spirit but in a Christian way as well. He was truly primus inter pares among his colleagues. Then there


was Rev. H. J. Sheets, a true Methodist indeed, a man of great intellect, but all unconscious of his greatness. I found him always a good friend and ever accessible in such times when his advice was necessary. There was the Rev. P.S. Hyde equally zealous in the service of His Lord, and a good friend to me. The pastor, Rev. A. Gulab, was ever active for the spiritual good of his congregation, and he took a keen interest in me. He was such a help in my study of Methodism, guiding me at every step by his helpful and frank advice in this great decision as to my joining the Methodist Church. From the step of joining the Church as an ordinary member till the day of my ordination as an Elder, he guided me as a friend and an adviser. In such a fellowship, and with an opportunity provided in the Seminary, I experienced no difficulty in making my decision in the matter of choosing my dwelling in "a definite part of the Church," and I chose Methodism.

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