And sure enough, Jeremiah couldn't let this go unresponded to...


In article <50b9dh$>, (Jeremiah McAuliffe) writes:

Jochen Katz  wrote:

>In article <502dal$>, 
>(Jeremiah McAuliffe) writes:

>Jeremiah has a very short memory it seems. Let me quote from 
>his own review of the book "Answering Islam" by Norman Geisler 
>& Abdul Saleeb, posted by him on soc.religion.islam in May 1995

>Interestingly enough, I provided Jeremiah with the opportunity to
>correspond with Abdul Saleeb, but he was seemingly not interested
>to follow up on it. 

Touche, Jochen the dogmatist, touche!

Not lack of interest, but of time... I was writing my dissertation
the last three years. Now, with your delightful provocation I'll
happily jump back into this issue! Norman Geisler deserves to be
blasted out of the water (Dean of a theological seminary? HAH!). But
where to begin? There is an absurdity on almost every one of his
pages. The Saleeb part on Islam, however, is excellent as an intro to
Islam, if I recall correctly-- I would even use it if I taught a
class. So excellent, indeed, I wondered if he is what he claims to be
and was induced to write for a book described differently than the
one that was published. There is little connection between the first
part (Saleeb on Islam) and the second part (Giesler's junk).

I do not recall ANY invitation to correspond with Saleeb. But please,
I accept, I accept, I accept! BUT, somehow he is going to have to
display that he is indeed the person who wrote that-- perhaps copies
of royalty checks or publishing contracts? I would give my word
before God that I would never reveal his true identity.  I DO recall
there may have been an opportunity to travel to hear him speak, but
alas, I am of the working (dirt) poor and was involved in finishing
my degree...

But hey! I'm here for you Jochen.

>| So what *was* your childhood like? Did you go to religious education
>| classes? Was the sheik or iman or 

>Jeremiah, should I ask the same about you in regard to rejecting
>Christianity? I mean, obviously, there cannot be any rational and
>educated reasons, since no person in his right mind would chose 
>Islam over Christianity if he had ever understood Christianity....

I have not rejected Christianity, if by Christianity you mean
following Jesus, and I never have, and God willing, I never will.
What I HAVE rejected is a lot of the theology of "Christians"--
especially all the neo-Hellenistic-mystery-religion mumbo-jumbo
spewing from Paul, and the neo-pagan theological garbage built upon
Paul over the centuries. But I did that waaaaay before I even ever
encountered Islam. Islam only confirmed much of what I already
thought about God and Jesus. And I call God as my witness to *that*.

Indeed, my experience being educated in Catholic schools and such was
pretty good-- choir boy, seriously considered being a Trappist monk,
and made moves towards entering the seminary twice in my life-- the
last about a month or so before I accepted Islam. When I worked as a
youth minister for the Catholic Church my experience was not so
good-- but that was because of simple human goofiness, not
theological issues. Studies show that a good relationship with a
priest is one of the correlations towards later entering the
priesthood.... so, I must have had pretty good relationships with
them as a kid.

So, how would you like to resume this Jochen? I'll have to look
through the book again... Gosh! I'm looking forward to this!

Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!

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