My short response to one of Jeremiah's arguments...


Subject: Re: Geisler-Saleeb Anti-Islam Book Part 1 (2/3)

I will leave this thread for Abdul Saleeb to answer ...

Just a very few remarks on something that grabbed my attention.

 In article <50b9e1$>, (Jeremiah McAuliffe) writes:


| He writes that we believe God to be One from both revelation and
| reason. Wrong. We know it from revelation alone. Reason cannot
| penetrate God. We know only what has been revealed to us. We rejected
| long ago the type of speculative philosophy and theology that would
| provide a "reason" for us to say such a thing.

This is a most strange sentence to hear. THE most often advanced
objection by Muslims against the Trinity is "that it does not make 

Now, what is "making sense" other than putting the standard of "reason" 
against that of revelation? Muslims time and again reiterate that Islam
is a "reasonable religion" supposedly in contradistinction to the
unreasonable Christianity...  Muslims accuse us of BLIND Faith, while
Islam supposedly has clear evidence and reasons for believing it.

Based on this background, I am really wondering why you are rejecting
that reason is an important part of 'how Muslims believe in God'.

And should YOU personally reject reason as something important in 
how we believe and what we believe, then I would really be interested
on what basis you do reject Christianity and embrace Islam? Just 
because of some mystic experience? Or wouldn't you claim that you 
made some "reasonable" decisions in this process?

Warm regards,

Jochen Katz

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