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Topic: What Is The Difference Between The Experiences Of Moses & Muhammad?

Received: 19 May 2005


Please tell me the difference between the vision Mohamed had and the one Moses had at the burning bush, why should any one believe either vision?


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One fundamental difference between the vision of Mohamed and the encounter that Moses had at the burning bush is context.

What Moses learned at the burning bush was in agreement with what God had previously revealed to Abraham and the other patriarchs. They had been told that Israel would spend about 400 years in slavery in Egypt and would leave as a nation. Moses was told that he was the one that God would use to bring Israel out of Egypt. God was moving forward with His age-old plan of redemption. Not only does the message at the burning bush agree with God's previous message, but it agrees with what is revealed later through all the various prophets and ultimately though Jesus Himself. The books of the Bible give a clear and consistent message through many different human writers, who penned the Scriptures over 1500 years.

What Mohamed learned in his vision contradicted the message of the Bible while at the same time claiming that the Koran presented the message of the same God of the Bible. Also problematic is the fact that the message of the Koran changed as it was being delivered during Mohamed's lifetime. Some early passages were abrogated (made void) by later passages.

You ask, "Why should I believe either vision?" I am more concerned that people understand what the Bible and Koran say. Many will say that they don't believe one or both of these books, but they have never read the books. This is not a very intelligent path to follow. I would suggest that you read a Surah of the Koran and a book of the Bible to see the difference and to determine if either can be believed. Both the Koran and Bible can be found online, so you don't even have to purchase one if you don't currently own them (and you can find a translation that is easy to read as well).

I would suggest that you read the Book of John to see what the Bible says. It is one of the better known books and is fairly easy to read. Since I am not a Muslim, I really don't think I am qualified to suggest which Surah would be best to read.

(Editor: If you want to compare the Bible and the Koran, may we suggest that you read any one of the four Gospel books in the Bible [Matthew, Mark, Luke or John]. Next, read the first five surahs in the Koran. Make a list of the differences you find between the Bible and the Koran. Then keep reading, asking God to make it clear to your mind and heart which message is from Him. One thing is sure: a perfect and holy God cannot contradict Himself.)

An interesting, well-written book that you may find helpful in understanding the complete message of entire Bible is "All that the Prophets have Spoken". It can be downloaded for free here:

I hope that I have answered your questions. If you have more questions or wish further discussion, please contact me.


Web editor's note: There are many more differences between Muhammad and the biblical prophets. A good place to start would be the article, Mohammed the prophet versus the prophets.

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