Common Logical Fallacies of Muslim Apologetics

  • Islam is a complete way of life and other common assumptions evaluated
  • Preservation does not imply Truth
  • Arguing from a corrupted source?
  • Incarnation Fallacy
  • Qur'an, Bible and the Vedas
  • The argument from conversion
  • Another list of Muslim fallacies by Dr. Morey.

    Robert M. Bowman, Jr. on 20 Errors Common to Antitrinitarian Heresies, many of which can be found in Muslim articles as well.


  • Argumentum ad hominem
  • Sameness and similarity - the fallacy of equivocation

  • General Resources on Critical Thinking and Logical Fallacies

    Good introductory articles

  • Critical Thinking
  • On Argumentation
  • Comprehensive lists

  • The Fallacy Files by Gary N. Curtis
  • Guide to the Logical Fallacies by Stephen Downes (mirror sites: 1, 2)
  • Fallacies by Dr. Michael C. Labossiere
  • Fallacies [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
  • Mission: Critical Thinking
  • The Reasoning Page (with lots of links)
  • Logical Fallacies (Tektonics site)
  • Logical Fallacies or Fallacies in Argumentation by Matt Slick
  • Atheism Web: Logic & Fallacies
  • About Atheism: Arguments and Logic FAQs / Logical Fallacies and Logical Arguments
  • More links....
  • Identifying Propaganda

  • Propaganda Critic

  • Observation: The above linked sites on logical and critical thinking are all done by Christians, atheists, or people without an identified religion (e.g. teaching philosophy at universities). I have not yet found even one Islamic site (i.e. promoting Islam), where Muslims have systematically worked on this topic. If you know of such a site, please let me know.

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