beings created by God to serve him. Archangels: Jibril (Gabriel), the angel of revelation; Mikal (Michael), the angel of providence; Israfil who blows the trumpet of doom; and 'Azrail, the angel of death. There is also Ridwan who guards Paradise, Malik who guards Hell, Munkar and Nakir who question the dead, the throne-bearers, the Cherubim, and others.

Muslims believed angels to be sexless and created of light.

Jinn are different spirit beings. They may be good or evil, and sometimes enter humans to control them. They may be male or female and created from fire. Iblis (Satan) is among the Jinn (al-Kahf 18:50). Muslims have argued that Satan is not an angel based on this.

Muslims believe that Angels are created so that they do not sin and do not have free will, but always obey the commands of Allah. Allah creates the angels to praise him. Some Muslims also believe that the angels act as veils to bad things that do not befit the majesty of Allah. [Why would Allah need to be veiled from anything?]

Some issues around the concept of angels in the Qur'an are discussed in these articles:

In the Bible, angels are

The Qur'an states regarding angels:

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