The only reason for creating this entry is that ever so often some Muslim polemicists think they can malign Christanity / the Bible, or otherwise score some points in a debate, by claiming that Hitler was a Christian, trying to make all Christians guilty by association.

Below are some articles that respond to these at the same time silly and tasteless charges:

  • Hitler was a Christian?
  • Did Hitler Use Jesus To Justify His Actions?
  • Wasn't Hitler a Christian?
  • Muslims are not the only ones to use this line. Here are some responses to atheists and others doing the same:

  • Was Hitler a Christian?
  • Was Hitler a Christian Fundamentalist?
  • What were Hitler's religious beliefs?
  • Was Hitler a Christian?
  • Was Hitler a Christian?
  • Was Hitler an Atheist or a Theist? More Importantly, Who Cares? (on an atheist website!)
  • Adolf Hitler - Christian, Atheist, or Neither?
  • The Hitler archive provides extensive information from primary source material.

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