Ar: faahishat, fahishat.

Homosexuality is generally condemned in Islam, and guilt requires the establishment of four credible witnesses, similar to the case for adultery. In fact, the punishments meted our seem to be the same.

MEMRI TV provides a transcript as well as the translated television footage of an Arabic preacher who demands that homosexuals should be stoned or thrown off a cliff.

The article, Sharia sure ain't gay, gives a detailed discussion on the topic of Islamic law and homosexuality.

Just as in Christianity, so too there are those in Islam who challenge the orthodox view. An example of this is the Al Fatiha Foundation, www.al-fatiha.org.

A polemical article responding to a Muslim attack on the Apostle Paul presents a considerable number of serious and curious aspects regarding Islam and homosexuality.

If you are struggling with homosexual desires, you may want to read this email.

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