The discussion about Muhammad's relationship to Satan and the demonic world cannot be anything but highly controversial. Muhammad certainly had encounters with the spirit world. Did God give Muhammad authority over Satan as it is reported of Jesus? Did God protect him from the demonic forces, or did Satan gain influence over Muhammad? Was Muhammad even demon-possessed? These are important questions.

The following articles derive their conclusions from a careful study of the Muslim sources and are good starting points for an exploration of this topic:

The last of the above listed articles caused a lengthy discussion between the Muslim apologist Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi (MENJ) and two Christian authors of Answering Islam. The full exchange is listed here:

[1]  Silas' original article: Muhammad's Suicide Attempts
[2]Reply by MENJ:   The Fatrah: Intermission of the Prophet Muhammad
[3]Response to [2] by Sam Shamoun:          A Christian Perspective of the Fatrah of Muhammad
[4]Response to [2] by Silas:      Comments on a Response to "Muhammad's Suicide Attempts"
[5]Reply by MENJ to [3] & [4]:       The Psychological Impact of The Fatrah Experience
[6]Response to [5] by Sam Shamoun:          The failure of MENJ's "Decisive Refutation"
The exchange then continued with a discussion on the issue of (dis)similarity of Muhammad's experiences to the experiences of the biblical prophets.
[7]Article by MENJ:        The Argument for Similarity
[8]Response to [7] by Sam Shamoun:          The Argument for Dissimilarity

Connected with the above discussion is the Muslim claim that Muhammad was a Superman of Sexual Intercourse.

See also the articles listed in the entry on the SATANIC VERSES.

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