Muhammad And His Personal Enemies

One of the most telling observations about the character of people is how they deal with their enemies. When we are put under pressure by being challenged and questioned, then our real character and personality is revealed that might easily be hidden when everything is under control.

The allegedly "flawless character of Muhammad" is often used as evidence that he is the prophet of God and his message, the Qur'an, the very word of God.

This page will provide you with source material and our conclusions so that you can read and make your own evaluation and informed decision what you will believe about this historically very important person who greatly influenced our world for better or worse.

The following are names of people whose execution was suggested, requested or ordered by Muhammad. Many of them were assassinated, some got away for reasons of unforeseen circumstances. But deeds are judged by intention and the intention or request for assassination is serious in itself.

Overview article:

Individual case studies:

Excessive cruelty in the cases of

  • Kinana b. al-Rabi` and
  • the people from Urayna.

    A Christian perspective on these events.

    See also Muhammad's letter to the Julanda Brothers of Oman regarding Muhammad's demands on and actions against people who had not done him any harm whatsoever.

    See also the articles by Silas.

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