Information about Wallace D. Fard

Founder of the Nation of Islam


I received the below information via Email and believe more people will be interested in it.

          I'm writing to you because I assumed you would be interested in 
the information I'm offering. I recently came across the FBI File of W.D. 
Fard Muhammad, the (white) man who started the Nation of Islam. You can 
view it yourself (over 700 pages) at

You will need the ability to view PDF files, with a program such as Acrobat 
3.0 (or something similar).

There is lots of information (I'm nowhere near finished), but so far, the 
File proves that Fard Muhammad was white, and lists his criminal records. 
Finger prints, and photographs prove he is the same man who named Wallie 
D. Ford, served time at San Quentin, and listed his race as white, as well 
as a white man named Wallace Farad who was arested in Detroit. When his son 
was born in 1920, he listed himself as being born in New Zeland to a British 
father, and a Polynesian mother (which later turned out to be true). There 
is tons of information on the man who founded the Nation of Islam, and it 
really crushes NOI doctrine.


         Yes feel free to use my name, or my E-mail or anything you wish. 
Also, just to let you know, it's in seven parts, go to the seventh part 
(part 7) and go to page 88, there they have pictures of Fard upon his 
1933 arrest in Detroit.

-Said Ramadan

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