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This is to answer "wine good or bad" in your page!

--Is wine good or bad? 
--Is us forbidden on earth something that is truly good? 
--Or is in Paradise not only allowed but provided in overflowing
(rivers of...) something that is so bad 
that it is even called "Satan's handiwork"? 

--Why should we see every thing in black and white?! It is not
  that it is "bad" or "good" the issue is which one, goodness or
  badness, is dominant. Prohibition of drinking alcoholic beverages
  came in three steps, 
        -do not come to worship while you are drunk
        -...there is "good" in it and bad in it, but the
         the later in more..
        -do not drink it, it is an act of satan...
  As you can see it is mentioned that "there is good in it", exact quote
  of Quran. For example, there is alcohol in some medicine, and there
  is no prohibition in taking those syrops if prescribed by a doctor.
  Islam encounters with issues realistically.

--Answered in the above paragraph!
--What does it mean to compare paradise with earth?! Do you really
  think standards (yes even standards!) are the same?! And how can
  we (both me, a Muslim and you, a Christian, who both believe in 
  hereafter and paradise) "analyze" what happens or is allowed or
  forbidden in paradise?! We lack empirical evidence! Don't we?!
  Point is, about paradise, all I have is my believe, nothing more,
  stories in Quran and said by Prophet,.... Absolutely no empirical
  evidence. If I want to see something is O.K (!) there or else, I'll
  need to know the conditions, circumstances, ..., I rather wait till
  I see it (insha`allah=God willing).
  But, all that matters, for now, is this world, and the ruling is
  clear : DO NOT DRINK (unless for some reason it is necessary, as 
  mentioned in the case of medicine)
  One more point, the world is translated differently in different
  translation of Quran, For example Shakir translate it as "drink" 
  and not wine! And Please always remember that Quran is written in
  a "symbolic" manner (very reasonable, after all it is for everybody
  everywhere and at any time), and one should consider that words are
  used mainly in a metaphoric way. To clear this up, if you study about
  Islamic mystisicm, you realize that "wine" along with so many words
  that mean : pretty girl, mistress, lover, ... are used frequently,
  specially in poetry. One should admit that it would be so simplistic
  to take them as what they mean according to a dictionary!!
Note:   Generally, describing paradise in Quran, shows the wealth and
        richness of its residence. All signs (verses) in this regard 
        should be interpreted in this relation. People of paradise
        have no economical problems! They are free to do what a human
        is meant to do...
        In this regard, the word "hour" specially when is translated
        with this kind of interpretation (yours) of "wine", means
        nothing more than a prostitute! But if we consider the root
        of this word, it means nothing but a "companion" ! Notice that
        "Companions of Jesus (Peace be Upon Him)" are translated to
        Arabic as "havarion"(plural for "havari" of Jesus. Where 
        "havary" is from the same root as "hour"!

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Muslim Response by Randy Desmond
Date: Thursday, 27 Feb 1997

Just read the Qur'an... Surah 37:43-47

[43] In gardens of felicity [44] facing each other on thrones, [45] round will be passed a cup from a clear flowing fountain, [46] crystal white, of a taste delicious to those who drink thereof, [47] Free from headiness; Nor will they suffer intoxication therefrom.

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