Disclaimer: We link to the notes of the debate for documentation only.
This does not mean that we agree with every detail of the argument.

Dr. Morey's Debate Notes

November 9, 1996 saw the debate between the speakers Dr. Jamal Badawi and Dr. Robert Morey held in Columbia at the University of South Carolina. The topics were:

  • Is the "Allah" of the Qur'an the one true and universal God? - [Dr. Morey], [Dr. Badawi]
  • Is the Qur'an the word of God? - [Dr. Badawi], [Dr. Morey]
    and the above links will provide you with Dr. Morey's notes which were handed out to everybody at the debate.

    Furthermore Dr. Morey provided each person in the auditorium the handout "Common Logical Fallacies Made By Muslims" as a help to check the arguments of the speaker(s) at the debate.

    We are not aware that Dr. Jamal Badawi intends to release the text of his debate material to make it accessibe on the web, but the offer is extended to display it here or to link to it if it is provided by the Muslim side. Requests in this regard should be directed to Dr. Badawi at the Islamic Information Foundation of Canada.

    For the time being: Books and Tapes by Dr Jamal Badawi are available from MSA Publications.

    Further evaluation of Dr. Badawi's arguments are given in our Badawi Rebuttal section.

    Further discussion between Mr. Khalid Jan and Dr. Morey [*, *] regarding Dr. Morey's debate notes on "Is the "Allah" of the Qur'an the one true and universal God?"

    I was present at the debate and have half a dozen items where I could easily show that Dr. Badawi was wrong and feel they were just plainly "propaganda claims". As long as Dr. Badawi decides to not release his text, he only looks uncriticizable. If this is of any importance to you, order the tapes to get a fuller picture.