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Section A Part 2

Jesus God or Not? : Introduction

Mr. Meherally claims that there are clear and understandable verses in the Bible along with "allegorical, ambiguous or obscure" verses. He then accuses Christians (especially Paul) of picking and choosing verses which conform to our pre-conceived ideas, as well as "Reliance and Hope" (or blind faith) to convince us that Jesus is the "True God".

Meherally then proceeds to pick and choose a variety of Biblical passages, often out of context, in order to disprove the beliefs of Christianity based on his pre-conceived ideas which are based on blind faith in the teachings of the Qur'an. Some of the responses in this section were written for Mr. Meherally's page while others were responses made to similar arguments made by other Muslim apologists.


Mr. Meherally has changed this section several times, simply re-arranging old his articles. To date, he has made no attempt to answer our rebuttals.

Andrew Vargo

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