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Allah is the Name of a "Moon-God"...

I am not defending Dr. Morey's book in this section since he is far more capable than I to do that! I find some of Mr. Meherally's responses to this book very interesting and would like to make some remarks concerning his critique of this book.

Mr. Meherally opens this section by taking offense to the phrase "99 names" of Allah:

In his works, Dr. Robert Morey - a Christian missionary, maintains having conducted a comprehensive research and made exhaustive study on the subject "Allah of Islam". The author alleges that the Muslims give ninety nine "other names" to Allah. It is indeed strange that a learned scholar who has written books and articles on the subject of "Allah" does not even know that these "ninety nine" are not the "other names" of Allah, but they are His attributes! In the event that the author is quite aware of the true facts and yet has made this remark then one can only guess that the author's intentions, from the outset, are not to deal with the facts but to present distorted views for Allah.

In fact, it is fairly common to hear Muslims themselves make references to the "99 names" of Allah. There are several Islamic websites that do this! Since Allah is the name of God, it is logical to assume that the "99 names" are simply the "other" names (or attributes) of God.

Historical Source of Islam

Mr. Meherally takes offense to Dr. Morey's statement that Arab armies destroyed much of the culture of the lands they invaded. I have personally visited many archaeological sites in India and it is true that the Muslim armies laid waste to many Hindu and Buddhist temples and monasteries and destroyed much of the region's cultural heritage. How does he respond? Does he say that their actions were wrong? NO WAY!

One may wonder why the author has not stayed on the course? Why has he abruptly started painting pictures of "The Arab Conquests & The Conquering Armies" with a black paint brush? It seems that Dr. Morey is totally ignorant of, beside other true historical facts, of the atrocities committed during the Seven Christian Crusaders inaugurated by Pope Urban II and his successors and also of the persecution of the European Jews by the Nazi army, under the command of a Great Christian Military Mind - Hitler. I wish Dr. Morey would rather stay on the subject and present specific details concerning the "Muslims beliefs for Allah" and comparing them with the so called beliefs of the "ancient fertile religion of the moon-god".

Mr. Meherally cannot answer the charges against Islam, so he launches an attack against Christianity! He mentions the Crusades while he omits the Muslim "jihads" against Persia, India, and Europe. The Crusades were wrong and those involved DID NOT follow the words or example of Jesus Christ. The Muslim armies who conquered and plundered DID follow the words and example of Muhammad and the teachings of the Qur'an! The most pathetic, and desperate, statement made by Mr. Meherally is the reference to Hitler as a "Great Christian Military Mind." Hitler did not espouse Christianity, in fact he wanted to rid Germany of the Christian faith. Would Mr. Meherally call Idi Amin (Uganda's former dictator who actually murdered and ate some of his opponents) a great Muslim leader? Does Mr. Meherally consider Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini as "great Muslim military minds"? Do you realize that these two men probably killed more Muslims than all of the Crusades combined?

Mr. Meherally objects to the statement that most of the Muslim army's soldiers were originally Pagans. Actually, most of the followers of Muhammad were former Pagans - not Christians or Jews.

Dr. Robert Morey, who has written texts on the subject of how to debate with the opponents, wants his readers to embrace his innovated theory that if the "Arab Army" was not composed of Jews or Christians then it had to be of "the Pagans, worshiping a pagan god". The fact is; the Islamic Civilization was flourishing and the so called European Civilization and the Renaissance had not yet emerged, when the Islamic Army was conquering the parts of Europe and North Africa, .

The statement that Islamic civilization reached an intellectual and cultural zenith at this period may be true, but it is completely irrelevant to the argument.

Islam Denies the Trinity

In this section, Mr. Meherally launches the common Muslim attack on the Trinity as well as discussing how Emperor Constantine conspired to create the concept of the Trinity. These issues have been addressed at great length elsewhere.

Pagan Origins

The author seems to be very good at making High Hamburgers without any Beef! Dr. Morey: Where is the "BEEF"? It is easy to make wild accusations without providing credible evidences and documents

The great translator and Koran scholar Yusuf Ali said "... the whole of the [pagan] pilgrimage was spiritualized in Islam ..." (Yusuf Ali: fn. 223 pg. 80). Worst of all, Muhammad commanded his followers to participate in these pagan ceremonies while the pagans were still in control of Mecca (See Yusuf Ali, fn. 214, pg. 78) and told his followers to pray towards the Ka'aba, instead of towards Jerusalem, while the Ka'aba was full of 360 Pagan idols!

The Crescent Moon

The next time when Dr. Morey happens to see an Easter Egg he should think of Eostre, an ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess and the pagan rituals. Below is an excerpt from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 The Learning Company, Inc.:

Unlike the Haj, in which Muslims are commanded by the Qur'an and Hadith to follow formerly Pagan traditions, the Bible DOES NOT command Christians to have Easter eggs.

Denial Not a Refuge

Islam is the fastest growing religion of our era. Today, more Christians are turning to Islam then before.

Does the growth of Islam then make the claims of Islam true? Christianity is also growing rapidly, especially in Asia and the former communist world. In addition, more Muslims have converted to Christianity (in spite of the harsh persecution that they often face) recently than at any other time in history.

Worship the True God

Dear Truth Seekers: Please pickup a copy of the Holy Bible in Arabic and ask any of your Arabic speaking friend to read loudly the first page from the Old Testament. Keep counting how many times he reads the word "Allah"? I guarantee, it is at least half a dozen times. If "Allah" of the Holy Qur'an is the "moon-god", what is "Allah" of the Holy Bible? I hope Dr. Morey has an answer!!!

Allah is the Arabic word for God (masculine) and Allat is feminine. Like the English word "god", it can be, and was, used to refer to various deities, including the One True God. In this case, Mr. Meherally is confusing terms and ideas.

Andrew Vargo

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