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The Universe is Currently Expanding...

Mr. Meherally begins with his usual opening:

Below are excerpts from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe, 1998 edition, explaining the contemporary scientific rationale on this subject.

"Just as the pitch, or frequency, of a train whistle lowers as the train moves away from a listener, the frequency of light from a receding galaxy should appear lower to an observer than if the galaxy and observer were motionless relative to each other. This kind of change is called a "red shift" because visible light is shifted downward in frequency toward the long-wavelength, red end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The theory of an expanding universe was confirmed in 1929 by the astronomer Edwin Hubble of the United States, who showed from an analysis of the red shifts of distant galaxies that they are indeed receding from our galaxy and with velocity of recession that is proportional to distance. Hence, the universe is expanding."

Now, what does the Qur'an tell us?

Let us examine what has been revealed in the Quran?

"And the Heaven - with our hands have we built it up, and given it its expanse;"

"And heaven - We built it with might, and We extend it wide"

"With the power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of Space," (Qur'an 51:47)

Comments: The word "firmament" used in the above text does not refer to the so called "Theory of Firmament". It is a noun and according to the Webster's Dictionary, it means; the whole vault of the sky with its myriad stars etc. The word "expanse" comes from the Latin word, "expansum" and means; "to spread out".

I would interpret this ayah as saying that God created the universe over a vast area. This passage says nothing about the continuing expansion of the universe. If this is your interpretation, how do you explain the next ayah:

And We have spread out the (spacious) earth: How excellently We do spread out! (Sura 51:48)

Is the earth also expanding according to the Qur'an?

Andrew Vargo

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