The Ten Thousand Fraud

In the article PROPHECIES FOR 10,000 SAINTS & THEIR LEADER we find Mr. Meherally to be again the master of scripture twisting.

He puts together a number of passages to make his case, but none of them actually says what he claims for it. All of them are individually treated at various places on this site. We just ask you to read and compare his presentation with our explanation of Habakkuk 3:3, and Songs 5:16. One of the strangest errors is that Mr. Meherally correctly quotes Deuteronomy 33:2 and Jude 14, but fails to see that both passages speak of "ten thousands" not "ten thousand" (KJV translation). The words are in the plural, both in Hebrew (Deuteronomy) and in Greek (Jude).

All of those passages using these numbers are clearly poetic and want to indicate "larger than you can imagine". They do not give precise numbers. [Remark by a Hebrew scholar: The word is Rebabah, which means "myriads" as the NIV renders it. It is an undefined number that is much larger than merely 10,000.] However, if Mr. Meherally insists on such an inappropriate application and wants to read it literally then he should at least do so honestly. The word is plural both times, and not singular. Hence it has to be at least 2 x 10,000. This is not fulfilled by Muhammad. Mererally himself quotes Martin Lings

This means, Muhammad came up short by at least 50%.

Furthermore, only Jude 14 is a prophecy about the future. Neither Songs 5:16 nor Deuteronomy 33:2 is prophecy. Songs speaks about a present reality and Deut. 33:2 looks back at a past event. None of them can possibly refer to Muhammad.

A careful look at at Deuteronomy 33:2 can be found in our response to Mr. Al-Kadhi and in particular in our analysis regarding his reference to Yaqut.

Furthermore, Meherally refers to Isaiah 42 and Kedar, which is also discussed in our response to Al-Kadhi.

In Habakkuk 3:3, Deuteronomy 33:2, and Jude 14, it clearly is said that the LORD came or will come with his ten thousands of holy ones. It is plain idolatery to substitute the name of God with Muhammad. It is amazing how easily Meherally commits what is according to his book the worst of all sins. We call on him to repent of his idolatery in applying statements about God to Muhammad.

Another very thorough rebuttal to the attempts to see Muhammad in the "tenthousands" prophecies is given by Sam Shamoun.

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