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Contradictions in the Bible

MENJ and team couldn't help it and create yet another collection of "Bible Contradictions".

Most of these have been answered a long time ago and the answers are readily available on various Christian apologetics web sites, see e.g. CARM's Index to Bible Difficulties. Further such lists and indices are collected on our page Errors and Contradictions in the Bible?

However, MENJ & Co. seem more bothered with seeking excuses not to take the Bible seriously, than finding reasons for their own faith. They have not explained yet, why the alleged Bible Contradictions are so much more important than the long list of Contradictions in the Qur'an. Unless they can find criteria and explain why Bible contradictions are so important, but the Qur'an contradictions are not, it is hard to take them serious.

Nevertheless, some of these they found particularly important or convincing so that they have made them into separate articles. Here are specific answers:

Old Testament

New Testament

Responses to Bismikaallahuma
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