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On what day did the “House of the Lord” burn down?

Sam Shamoun

MENJ has produced another biblical discrepancy (*) which he feels provides additional support for his view that the Holy Bible.

According to MENJ, there is a contradiction regarding when exactly did the Babylonians burn and destroy Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. According to 2 Kings 25:8-9, Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard came to Jerusalem on the seventh day of the fifth month and burned the temple. Jeremiah, however, says that Nebuzaradan arrived on the tenth day of the fifth month and burned the temple.

Since others have already addressed this discrepancy there is no need for us to reinvent the wheel. We will simply refer readers to some of the answers that have been provided by biblical scholars and apologists. There are at least two possible explanations.

Answer by J.P. Holding; see the entry under 2 Kings 25:8
Answer by Bert Thompson

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