Recently I was contacted by a Christian regarding the possibility of debating Shabir Ally. The Christian informed me that the Islamic Society has scheduled a debate to be held in the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and were looking for a Christian candidate.

I accepted the challenge to debate Shabir Ally on the topic Is Muhammad a Prophet? Thus far, Shabir has shown an unwillingness to debate this topic, choosing to debate other "Christian" topics such as the Deity of Christ, etc.

Seeing that Shabir has yet to debate the credibility of his prophet, we challenge him to do so for this particular debate in Dartmouth that is scheduled for March 27, 2002. His unwillingness to debate this topic only reinforces our suspicions that Shabir is aware that he cannot win such a debate. I have requested such a debate many times in personal communication with him. He always finds ways to avoid it.

Therefore, I am issuing a public challenge to Shabir Ally.

Debate me on the credibility of your prophet.

If Shabir refuses to debate this topic, then I kindly ask the Islamic Society to find any other Muslim speaker who is willing to debate whether Muhammad is a prophet or not.

It seems that Muslim apologists are quick to debate issues such as the Trinity, the Deity of Jesus, the authenticity of the Holy Bible etc. but refuse to debate the credentials of their prophet. Perhaps Shabir will prove to be the exception to this norm and accept our public challenge.

We will inform our readers if Shabir accepts the challenge or chooses to back down.

Until then, this challenge will remain posted on the Answering Islam web site.

Sam Shamoun
November 25, 2001

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