At the Saudi Embassy web site we find a book titled "Muslim Christian Dialog" written by H. M. Baagil. I have looked over this "dialog" and come to the conclusion that I have never seen a more stupid and uninformed Christian than the one taking part in this dialog. But that is not very surprising, given that this "Christian" was invented by a Muslim. This book is a mockery. These fake dialogs seem to be a literary genre and it were actually not such a bad approach if it would present the real arguments and answers and interact with them. But of the several such pseudo-dialogs on the web this author knows the least about the real faith and arguments of the Christians. Or maybe he was thinking hard how he could arrange the dialog as to make the Christian look as stupid as possible? Then he has successfully implemented his purpose.

If you want to see a real dialog where each side is represented by true believers in their respective faith, I would recommed to look at the Muslim-Christian Dialog mailing list.

For a true representation of Christianity - by Christians - you have found the right place at this site developed to present genuine Christian Answers to Islam.

Most of the questions raised in the "Dialog" are already discussed at some place on this web site. For example, our systematic systematic rebuttal of Akbarally Meherally's "Bible FAQ" basically cover most of the issues constructed by Muslims in these dialogs.

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