Muslim Responses to Jay Smith's Papers

The material by Jay Smith has caused quite some reaction in the Muslim real and cyber world. In particular his paper on the historical critique of the Qur'an. Since most of the Muslim sites that attack the evidence and interpretation presented by Jay Smith do not link to his material directly - what do they fear? - I want to make here available an easy side by side presentation of links to the arguments so that everyone can investigate both sides of the arguments. Muslim sites do not link (usually) to the paper they respond to, nor do they ask that they be linked from the debate site. Therefore, most of this "interactive" material is on the web without the vital interconnection between the two.

Material by Jay Smith Muslim Responses
Is the Qur'an the Word of God?
(Historical critique)
Mr. Lomax' response to the first version
An Authoritative Exposition by Mr. Green
Responses to A. Green:
Oving: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]
The 42,000 manuscripts discussion
Tawhid: Belief in One God Response to Joseph Smith's paper on TAWHID
The 99 Truth Tracts Responses to the "99 UN-Truth Tracts"
Further material  
  Further Anti Jay Smith pages: [1], [2]*
Debate with Shabir Ally

Another article which most Muslims seemingly didn't like enough to place it on any of their web sites is Muhammad Rafiq's response, posted to various newsgroups by the Islamic Party of Britain.

* We recommend, that you order the video tapes and judge for yourself.

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