We need more volunteers

To all Christians who love God and His Word and Muslims, we would be most pleased to find more volunteers to write responses to some of the materials by Mr. Al-Kadhi, Mr. Meherally's or other Muslim attacks on the integrity and validity of the Bible and the Christian faith. Some of these topics are difficult, some are easily rebutted but they nevertheless take time and effort. This would be a great service, both to those Muslims who sincerely seek truth, as well as to some of our Christian brothers and sisters who are troubled by these attacks and have nobody near them who could help them answer it. Let us face it, not many Christians have experience with the Muslim arguments which can at times be quite appealing and even seem to be so very logical. But appeal and truth is not the same. Let us not fail in the responsibility to give solid answers to those who are sincerely seeking. Please let us know if you are interested to help.

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