I was born in a far eastern country, was brought up within the Islamic faith and was a practicing Muslim.

The story begins when I was nearly at the end of my 2nd year in university. When I came to study abroad. I never had the slightest intention to convert and never dreamt that Christianity even be a valid way to God...

I studied Christian theology for quite some time but I was very prejudiced and never asked for any explanation from my Christian friends until I participated in a religious dialogue. All of a sudden my dwindling interest in theological debate was rekindled. In this dialog I made a friend who directed me to an Arab pastor.

I was very suspicious indeed when I first met him and I determined to prove my case to him. We began by discussing about many things concerning Islam and Christianity. I began to think seriously about many things. As our discussions progressed a lot of questions began to form in my mind. Is there any assurance of salvation in Islam? Is man created just merely to be a slave of God or is he created to have a relationship with his Creator? If the Quran says that God has forgiven Adam for his disobedience, why did He did not readmit him into heaven?

The Bible has strong historical facts and evidence which supports its authencity. I couldn't believe my eyes as I looked and examined the evidence for myself without trusting anyone to guide me except God Himself. These matters really got my attention until the only books that I read for the next few months are both the Quran and the Bible.

These questions kept gnawing at my mind. As I began to make more Christian friends, I could notice that they are really warm and caring people. At first I doubted their sincerity since I had the wrong impression that the reason they're being nice to me is because they want to convert me.

But later as I began to know them much better I realised that they really care about me as a human being, not merely a prospective convert and are genuine in their concern. I began to delve deeper and deeper into Christianity and comparing it with Islam.

As for my personal life, I was a real spiritual wreck. I began to doubt a lot and I often turned to God and prayed for guidance. Sometime when I did a study of the Bible, some verses really left a deep impression on me as if God Himself is leading me with a clue.

I really learnt a lot from the church that I visited with my friend. It is a strange feeling really, as if I found something in the church that makes me wants to go back every weekend.

At one point however, I was about to give up on my search as the term starts to close. I decided to to take a break and went on a trip with my friends. During the trip, every evening, they would have some bible studying and I would sit in the corner, watch and listen to them.

I could somehow notice the close bond that they share together even though I know they all are totally different from each other. As I began to recall back what I have studied about Christianity, it finally became clear to me on what I should do.

But I hesitated ... I was afraid of the repercussions that I might get from a lot of people. But, I realised that at the end of the day I owe a duty to God to follow His true way.

On the last day of my trip, after a long time of reflection and prayer I finally acknowledged that there is only salvation through Christ alone.

It has been four months now. Now I am hoping to tell other Muslims about the truth about Christ and and the love of God when I return to my homeland after I finish my studies. My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, I strongly urge you to put aside pre-conception and listen reasonably to us who have accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions to ask. One final question I like to ask to my Muslim brothers. Do you know where you're going to when you die? Ponder upon this for our life is only temporary on this earth. As for me I am assured of heaven because of what Christ has done for me by dying for my sins and I believe with all my mind, my heart and my soul that He is indeed the Son of God.

My prayers be with you all.


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