Muslim Death Threats for Critique of Islam

Over the years we have received a number of death threats. Some were directed to our main feedback address, some where directed to specific language sections (e.g. the Arabic subsite), and some to individual authors of specific articles on our site. We may publish some of those in the future.

Here we want to highlight a death threat to another site which criticizes Islam. It concerns Craig Winn's site, Though there are a number of issues regarding which Answering Islam does not agree with that site, death threats are simply unacceptable. Therefore we are going to feature this issue here. This is the text of the blackmail:

Subject: To Craig Directly
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 15:12:10 +0000


Craig winn you ignorant & lier dare you write that false book??? you will regret for all what u said about Islam & the last messenger of god the master of the mankind...

***So you have to choose one from two options:
1)To take your book (Prophet of Doom : Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own
Words) out of circulation & to close your website & to apologize officialy for the prophet
Muhammad peace upon him & for islam..

2)Or you will be killed suddenly & in an unexpected way(we know where do you live)

***Imprtant Notice:
*This is a SERIOUS message proceeded from THE JEALOUS MUSLIM GROUP.

*You have only 6 days(from 4.jan to 10.jan 2005) to choose the first option or we will consider
you chosen the second option & then you just have to get ready for a kill at every moment...
*If you choose the first option you must send us an email to inform us about the details of
stopping the book & your apologize.

*You may send us any email during the 6 days.


This speaks for itself. There is not much comment necessary. Just a couple of thoughts.

It is a historical fact that Muhammad had many people killed for the simple reason that they publically questioned his prophethood and resisted his message (see the section on Muhammad and his enemies).

Winn closely examines and sharply criticizes the words and deeds of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, drawing the conclusion that Muhammad was a terrorist and Islam is a terrorist ideology. We fully understand that many Muslims are offended at such a statement. Whether or not Winn is correct, ... If Islam truly was "a religion of peace" — as many Muslims want to make us believe — what should the reaction of truly peaceful people be to such accusation?

The irony of death threats like these is that the threatening party proves their critics right! Winn's thesis is that Islam is a terrorist ideology because it threatens and kills those who criticize them. These above Muslims protest, they claim that this charge is wrong, they call it a lie, but they threaten to kill the person who makes it, thus proving the claim right by their very reaction.

Negative statements can be true or false. There are many things in this world that are bad and negative. Saying something negative about a theory, a religion or a person may hurt, but it may well be true.

The message of such threats is: You may not speak anything negative about Islam, even if it is true, i.e. Islam forbids to speak the truth. One can hardly avoid the conclusion that Islam is not only violent, but also a system of deception built upon a lie, when it insists to be called a religion of peace.

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