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Main Section

Nadir Ahmed is a Muslim polemicist who has little standing even in the Muslim community, who writes mostly utter nonsense, but invests considerable effort in promoting it widely.

He calls his website, even though it is never the truth that is in need to be examined. Claims, theories, and conjectures need to be examined whether or not they are true. When reading his material, one can hardly avoid the impression that Nadir Ahmed is "examining the truth in order to find fault with it, to twist it, to lie about it, and to design ways of making it look bad".

In the following we collect a number of responses to his polemics.

Nadir Ahmed's main goal apparently is to issue challenges to everyone to debate him. He operates under the illusion that he has a right on other people's time, and that each and everyone has a duty to give him time and attention. If people look at his site and then decide that responding to him in detail -- whether in writing or in a live debate -- would be a waste of time, then he concludes that they surely are afraid and running away from him, and therefore he has humiliated them.

However, one interesting feature is that, from time to time, someone agrees to debate him, but it is then Nadir Ahmed who either backs down, tries to change the topic, and/or set all of the conditions for the debate. If the debate does then not take place, he again concludes that they are afraid, while it is actually him who ran away from the clearly-placed challenge. The article, Hunter or Hunted?, shows this particularly clearly. (See also these discussion threads (*, *) on the FaithFreedom forum, where NA is on the run as well.)

Even other Muslim websites are starting to see the pattern. Sami Zaatari tried to set up a debate between Nadir Ahmed and Sam Shamoun. These two articles give reports on what happened: The Coward that is Nadir Ahmed, and some more comments in the last third of this article.

The reader is invited to examine also a number of other debates or debate challenges of Nadir Ahmed. Note that our linking to these pages does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the views of Nadir Ahmed's opponents. They are provided here merely to expose Nadir Ahmed's way of operation.

Nadir Ahmed ‘challenges’

There may have been even more people who were challenged by Nadir Ahmed, but who have not put the issue online.
I would be glad if you could let me know about it.

Some other debates took place, but strangely Nadir Ahmed is convinced he won them all, even though most other people have a different opinion.

Nadir Ahmed debated:

Listen to these debates or read them, and form your own opinion.

Furthermore, Nadir Ahmed runs away from this debate challenge:


Nadir Ahmed is obsessed with the topic of "Morality in Christianity and Islam". Some links to this topic were already given above. Here we will collect them together in one place, and add some more.

In this context, Nadir Ahmed again attacks Sam Shamoun in the polemic Sex.. Lies.. And Audio Tapes. Sam Shamoun comments:

Nadir Ahmed has again done us a great service in producing a clip in which he is forced to admit that Muhammad permitted legal prostitution, called Mutah, but tries to redefine what prostitution is in order to do some damage control. Mutah deals with temporary marriages with the sole aim of sexual gratification. You will also hear Nadir Ahmed being challenged to debate Was Muhammad a true Prophet or deceived by Satan?, and where you will hear him trying to make excuses for running away from the debate. He was even told that I would be more than willing to debate him on Islam's morality in contrast to biblical morality. You will also hear him rant and rave in order to save face, using expletives in perfect conformity to the standards of his prophet. After I left, two individuals, named Eros and childofGod08, asked him point blank if he would debate me on this topic, which he refused. You will even hear childofGd08 take the mic, but conveniently Nadir omits that segment in an obvious attempt of trying to save face. This isn't the only time Nadir has engaged in such cheap, deceptive editing tricks to save himself from humiliation (see

So again, we really want to encourage Nadir Ahmed to keep up the great work of disgracing Islam and his prophet. He does the best job of discrediting Islam than any Muslim we have thus far seen.

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