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If one wants to say something about Answering Christianity that is not immediately negative, one could say that Abdallah's site is large. Gladly, there is no need for us to heavily engage with most of Abdallah's diatribes. Quennel Gale's site Answers to Islam provides extensive responses to many of the articles published on O. Abdallah's Answering-Christianity. We only respond to a select few.

Before turning to those articles that range from the wrong to the ridiculous, let us point out at least this one courageous article by Osama Abdallah:
Call on all Muslims to end the over-the-board demonstrations regarding the ridiculous cartoons on Prophet Muhammad


Other authors on Abdallah's site

Bassam Zawadi wrote most of his materials while being on Osama Abdallah's team. Although he has left the Answering Christianity staff in the meantime, and now posts his articles (old and new ones) on several different Muslim websites, we will continue to post our rebuttals to him in this particular section for convenience' sake.

Osama Abdallah has recently started compiling an alleged list of rebuttals to all of the articles of individual authors on Answering Islam, such as Sam Shamoun and Silas. However, as can be seen when one looks over the list, most of the "responses" are not direct responses and many of the ones that are indirect do not properly address, if they address at all, the articles which Osama claims are being refuted. Osama is apparently wanting his readers to think that he has addressed all of these authors' works when it clearly is not the case. At the time of this writing, of the 56 articles in Sam Shamoun's file, only a mere 15 find a direct response, many of which are the work of other polemicists besides Abdallah. At the time of this writing, of Silas' 53 articles, only 20 find a direct response, many again which are not Osama's work, but links to other sites. Below is a list of many of Osama's articles and links to which his material should be compared. We feel that some of the articles Osama gave which were supposed to be rebuttals of our material work better the other way around. So, the reader will notice some articles in this chart to which Osama has allegedly refuted in the material contained in the links which he gave for comparison. The reader should consider both sides critically.

Here is an interesting observation: On 2 November 2003, Osama Abdallah's claim about the number of his «Rebuttals to "Answering Islam" and other anti-Islam articles» suddenly jumped from the number 250 to 355 in one day. How did that happpen? That is a lot of new articles for one day, one may think. Well, he actually added only ONE article, answering (?) 60+45 questions found in ONE article on a Christian website and counted this as 105 rebuttals. Is he really so desparate that he is in need of this kind of statistics? Anyway, on to the comparison list.

SubjectOsama AbdallahResponse
Science in the Qur'an
The explosion of Stars (FORMING RED ROSES)
Earth is egg-shaped?
Earth is round according to Islam?
Mountains in the Qur'an
Embryology in the Qur'an
Milk and the circulation of blood
The Qur'an and honey
The Qur'an and the days of creation
Muhammad's Alleged Night Journey to the Jerusalem Temple
Prophecies in the Qur'an
Osama's rebuttal to Sam's "Mohammad's False Prophecies."
Wife Beating in Islam
Is the name Allah in the Bible?
Polygamy in the Bible
Prophecies foretelling Mohammad
Christ's false prophecies?
The Miracles of Jesus
What the Bible says about Jesus
The Oneness of God
Isaiah 9:6
Everyone is God
A couple of Messianic prophecies
Jesus never disfigured?
Many articles arguing against Christ's divinity and the Trinity
Slavery in Islam
Islam and Terrorism
Slavery in the Bible
Why were Muslims allowed to have sex with their female slaves?
Equality in Islam between men and women?
Did Mohammad order murders?
Just who were the real authors of the Bible?
Osama's rebuttal to Quennel's response to the above
Contradictions in the Bible?
Errors in English translations of the Bible
See also differences in English translations of the Qur'an:
Pornography in the Bible
Isaiah 42-54: Predicting the establishment of Islam?
Isaiah 42 predicts Mohammad?
Various other alleged prophecies foretelling Mohammad
What did Mohammad say about the Bible?
What did Mohammad say about the Bible? /
The Quranic Witness to Biblical Authority /
The Quran Confirms the Bible Has Never Been Corrupted
Responses to Sam Shamoun's "Rebuttal to Johnny Bravo's Article: Christian Scholars Refuting the Status of the NT as An Inspired Scripture"
(index to all responses)
The ONLY TRUE GOD and False Gods
Alethinos and False Gods-A Reply to Sam Shamoun. The Biblical view of Only True God/TON MONON ALHQINON QEON Part II.
Qur'an acknowledges Allah had Revealed At-Tawraah (the Torah) to Prophet Moses

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