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Nothing Is Impossible

Was Noah's Conversation with his son Impossible ?

After reading the allegation it is agreed by Katz making the allegation that because of divine exclusion the Son of Noah was no longer considered a member of Noah's family. So obviously there exists no contradiction in this regard. The second question that was raised was that as to how a conversation could take place with such circumstances.

I do not believe that "divine exclusion" solves the problem. Sura 37:77 clearly says : "And made his seed the survivors" (of the Flood). His son, whether disinherited or not, is his "seed" and he should, according to this Sura, have been saved.

'Answering Islam' by making this allegation is just exposing his or her own ignorance of the actual events of history. God does not say that on Tuesday at 1:00 pm Noah got into the ark, and at 2:00pm he was three miles away from the land. Nor does the verse say that his son was 100 miles away, or that the waves were so high that they could not have a conversation.

You are confusing the argument with absurdities. Imagine that we are at sea and there are waves "like mountains". The first problem is that waves of this size (the minimum size of a mountain for most of the world's cartographers is 1000 feet) would capsize, or completely flood the compartments of even the largest ship! A second problem is that waves, and the accompanying winds, of this magnitude would be deafening.

In the verse we only find a short narrative of the events that occurred. We find that in the Quran:

"Till -- when our command came and the fountains of the earth gushed forth - WE said, `Embark therein two of every kind, male and female, and thy family, except those against whom the word has already gone forth, and those who believe.' And there had not believe in him except a few."(Chapter 11 verse 41)

What happened to those "few" who believe"? Sura 37:77 implies that they were not saved since they are not Noah's "seed" or family (Sura 11:41). Also, what about the passage : "except those against whom the word has already gone forth" concerning those who would be saved? Did the righteous Noah disobey God and call his son anyway, knowing in advance that he was to be excluded?

God here is commanding the people of Noah to enter the Ark....then:

"And he said, `Embark therein. In the name of ALLAH, be its course and its mooring. My Lord is assuredly Most Forgiving, Merciful.' (Chapter 11 verse 42)

All right, Noah and his ark are afloat.

Then the command is given that they should embark with the name of Allah, then we have:

"And it moved along with them amid waves like mountains. And Noah cried unto his son, while he was keeping apart, `O my son, embark with us and be not with the disbelieves.'(Chapter 11 verse 43)

Problem 1: As mentioned earlier, waves "like mountains" would capsize, flood the compartments, and/or smash the Ark to pieces. No ship could stay afloat in such an environment.

Problem 2: Noah is defying God because in Sura 11:41 he was told that he should embark with "thy family, except those against whom the word has already gone forth, and those who believe." Calling his son, "against whom the word has already gone forth", is clear disobedience to the word and instructions of God! Also, what happened to "those who believe"? They were not saved according to these passages. Why not?

You see the words here "while keeping apart" this is a proof positive that that when the conversation took place they were not too far away from each other, and a conversation could have taken place. So there is noting strange about this.

The claim is bizarre! The sound that these waves and winds would create would be deafening. Even if they were face to face, they would not be able to hear each other and, most likely, would be washed away by the waves or blown away by the wind. Another problem with this scenario is that Noah's son was supposedly standing on a mountain while Noah must have been on the deck of the Ark. Assuming that Noah and his son were not washed or blown away, how could the Ark pull close enough to a mountain in order for them to have a face to face conversation? The waves and wind would smash the Ark into the side of the mountain breaking it into pieces. Also, how could an enormous vessel, and the Ark must have been huge, pull so close to a mountain without ripping a hole in the side or bottom of the boat? The entire scenario is absurd and could not have happened. I was once on a relatively large ship in a storm with 8 to 12 foot waves, and I can assure you that it is impossible to stand on the deck much less have a conversation!

It is also not strange that Christians would make an argument of this mode of converse and not remember all the strange conversation that have taken place in the bible.

Such as? What about Solomon's conversation with a Hoopoe bird in Sura 27:21-28 and hearing the conservation of ants (Sura 27:19)?

Nothing Is Impossible.

This is not only impossible, it is absurd.

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