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Originally Qais Ali and Rami A. had the site Exposing Christianity consisting of lots of flashy pictures and no content. The new site is more substantial, but answers are forthcoming, or better, are already here since this site is plagiarism through and through. No new responses are needed, therefore, links are provided to the Al-Kadhi rebuttal, from which nearly all of the material was taken WITHOUT CREDIT. The amazing creativity (or lack thereof) begins at their home page for which they couldn't come up with any better idea than to copy our home page (the look it had at the time, i.e. from 1996-1998) in conception down even into many details (like the fonts and titles used).

The plagiarism of content will become obvious in our table of responses. A personal comment : if I wanted to plagiarize anti-Christian rhetoric, I would probably borrow the more intelligent arguments of Mr. Meherally or Dr. Saifullah - not Mr. Al-Kadhi's verbose, and often convoluted, reasoning! On second thought, after reading your "Responses to Polemics against Islam" entries, you probably should continue to plagiarize the works of others! Also, in the future, please use a spell checker.

Conclusion? Accept no imitations. It might look like our site, it might even taste better to some Muslims, but it is not the real thing. Where are the nutrients? Where is the substance? Where are the citations? Where is the Spell Checker?

Update: Qais Ali is no longer a Muslim and operates with anti-Islamic arguments in the AOL chat rooms, seemingly in part a result of having had to face the facts presented at Islam Unveiled. However, since the web master is Rami A, who still seems to stick to Islam, Qais Ali's material has not been pulled yet and continues to propagate Islam against the author's own convictions.
>> Osama Abdallah claims that the above update is a lie, and goes on to offer a rather silly explanation. Here is my response.

The "Prophet" Muhammad

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Islam and The Holy Qur'an

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Responses to Polemics against Islam

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Other Issues

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In mid August 1997 they sent us the statement: 

  Now I have proven everyone of the Contridictions in your site 
  INCORRECT, and I will be publishing them soon in a web page, ...

Interestingly, the part on the Qur'an is still very meager
and no response has been forthcoming on the Qur'an contradiction
site. Big words. And, I am wondering if they will actually link
then to the original site? Wait and see.

Actually, writing the above in further site exploration, I discovered a topic sub page on Pagan roots which does link to our page. This has to be mentioned to be fair.

Another comment in response to a claim made on their site.

I only now realize that the user id is actually Stbarnbas = St. Barnabas, and one might wonder if calling his login St. Barnabas is an indication that his material will be as genuine and authentic as the gospel of Barnabas, a Muslim forgery from the middle ages...

And more things to wonder about: Muslims claim that that they honor Jesus greatly, but then this page in its great zeal puts up the following links, to prove that Jesus = Satan ([1], [2]) on their Hot Topics page. Surely one is allowed to wonder about the Muslim concept of "honoring"?

Next note: They reacted quick. Two days after mentioning that the design looks nearly like our site, they have already made some small changes. It is still the same concept, but link is now on text instead of button, background is white instead of texture.

Plagiarizing continues. Just have a look at the newly added logo at the bottom of the page... But, not realizing what they are doing, the quote to the right is false:

"And say: Truth has come and has crushed falsehood. Verily, falsehood [by its nature] was destined to perish." The noble Qur'an, Al-Israa(17):81

Christianity is still going strong. It is not crushed. Can one still speak of this as "past" event even though Islam has tried for 1400 years and is still not successful?

Another observation: Qais Ali / Rami A. have stolen Misha'al Al-Kadhi's text of a book he has written on for years, without even acknowledging the author. Just compare the files you find on their site under Jesus with What did Jesus really say? The same holds for the chapters on Muhammad in the Bible and the general overview on the Bible. This site really lives by Al-Kadhi mainly. And it is going to be exploded in no time.

Again Ancient paganism and the dangers of compromise is Misha'al Al-Kadhi's work at and again without acknowledgment.

Then we have the silly claim again that Hitler was a Christian ...

And then he is disgusted by the fact that there is a group of Homosexual Christians (as they claim themselves) but is blissfully unaware that the same exists for the Muslim side with the

In the "Miscellaneous" compartment we find the claim:

N. Geisler, co producer of the "Answering Islam" site, doesn't have the "Courage" to put this on their site, yet he and Jochen Katz his buddy producer both "RATE" Islamic Web sites on "Courage". Is Norman Geisler, the infamous Abdul Saleeb? Inquring Minds wanna know.

Jochen Katz responds: Norman Geisler has nothing whatsoever to do with the web site Answering Islam. I doubt he even has ever had a look at it. He is certainly not a co-producer. This web site is my own child and has recently passed into the maintenance and development responsibility of a team of Christians, of which again, Norman Geisler is not a member. The Geisler - Till debate has nothing to do with Muslim Christian dialog. I am in contact with Abdul Saleeb and he is a different person than Norman Geisler, about half his age. If these minds were inquiring for truth, they could just have asked me, but they never did. They only pretend that they want to know by spreading speculations on their web site.

On the page Christianity, Past, Present and Future we find some interesting statements.

Qais Ali Christian Response
Victims of the Christian Faith? Very small samples of victims of Islam among the most esteemed Muslims (1, 2) and if that is what they do to their own brothers, what can we expect better for Christians? Also, what about the butcher of Uganda, Muslim Idi Amin? And of Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah who are sent millions to die on the battle field, each sending them to death in the name of Islam? And that the Latin church in Palestine was devastated by Al-Hakim, the "mad caliph" in about the year 1000 etc.
Under the title "The Changing trends Of Christianity" he lists some groups that claim to be homosexual Christians, like Gay & Lesbian Christian Resources and Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Catholic Handbook But what about the International Brotherhood of Muslim Homosexuals?

Sites with Biblical teaching about various issues of sexuality

Sure there are priests who have been judged as sexual offenders. Just as there are sexual offenders in any other group of people. But it is publicised a lot more about priests because it is sensational, because it is expected not to be so. I doubt they are significantly higher in percentage than in any other group of society. It is bad. I agree, but this propaganda use is silly. And there are Muslim leaders which are sexual offenders just as well as shown in these articles (1, 2) by Dr. Jeremiah McAuliffe who enjoys Qais Ali's admiration on his own pages. The only difference seems to be that there is a lot more cover up in this regard in the Muslim community, instead of helping the women.
Are Christians Today..really Christian? Studies Show Inefficacy Of Prayer a very very interesting article, shows that there are more professing Christians than professing Muslims, but there are more practicing Muslims than practicing Christians in the world today. Statistics Reveal that Christianity Lessens Morals. Have we read the same article? This article doesn't even mention Muslims. Qais Ali has certainly not learned how to read statistics and draw correct conclusions. It might be interesting to see what a study on Muslim schools will reveal. The statements were about "religionists". Muslims surely would fall under 'strongly religionist' in this study.

Last part of the page: Again, we have to observe that the claims about Hitler have no references, (in order that?) they cannot be verified.

After our testimonies page changed design on Nov. 4, 1997, Qais Ali's "mirror site" Conversions to Islam stayed true to their commitment to plagiarism and on Nov. 25th changed their outlook as well, to be close to ours again. It is fascinating to see the power we have over their web page design.

In particular, the opinion seems to be that quantity is the most important. I do appreciate the effort they put in to collect up all testimonies ever written. But what is the point? Is truth decided by majority vote?

But then, how is this quantity obtained? Just look at the "testimony" listed as Guru Leonardo "Khalid Ibn Walid" (Catholic). Where is there anything said of him originally being a real Christian/Catholic on this page? No conversion event is reported at all. Not even a reason for becoming Muslim from whatever his background might have been.

Muslim reactions who find material linked or posted on this site to be offensive and insulting: Mohamed Ghounem, ...

One of main front page sections on "Answering Christianity" is making a case against the treatment of women in Christianity... or what they want this to say... The irony is that on a world wide scale, the Muslim women certainly suffer a lot more and are very underprivileged in comparison to their Christian sisters. If the Bible as supposedly such a low view of women, how come the Christian women are on average a lot more free and a lot more educated than the Muslim women?

In any case, Qais Ali's big women page should be compared with our collection of sites on women in Islam (praise and critical evaluation) and if he insists on attack only, I am sure he will enjoy the pages on this Hindu site which has lots to say about women in Islam, more on his level of discourse.

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