We just received this message:

May the true peace of God find you as well, dear anonymous responder.

For most of your above statements we are of a differing opinion and that is legitimate. We do give evidence for our presented views. You continue your friendly note with:

We have received many many emails claiming that our claims are all wrong. In particular the Qur'an contradictions, your are refering to as well - some even go so far to say that everything on my whole site is wrong. Yet until now nobody has followed up on the announcement that they will disprove them all. We will be glad to link to your site when you have created it.

We are going to patiently wait for your explanations. We cannot and will not comment on things that don't exist.

In regard to your post-script: We will not react to intimidation either. It is better to show scholarship in publication than to make big words.

I have had a look at your site "Christianity Exposed" and have to say: There is nothing on this site that hasn't been on the web before, all you did is to collect pages from various other Muslim web sites. This doesn't give me an expectation that there will be much original scholarship coming from you end. But we are always open to surprise.

Your other sites are Learn Salat and Arab Source! The Greatest source for Everything Arabic and Islamic Related! which shows true humility already in the title. I can easily name you much more comprehensive and much more scholarly Islamic sites than that.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to interact with you. Truth will emerge when controversial things are thoroughly discussed. Praise be to God who gave the Internet so that many people may have the opportunity to research both sides in the issues between Christianity and Islam and compare the validity of the arguments.

One last question: You obviously respond directly to our site and claim that your above mentioned site is basically destroying our arguments or even Christianity. Why then do you seemingly not even have the courage to link from "Christianity Exposed" to our "Answering Islam" site? This does not speak of great confidence.

On October 16th, 1997, about two months after the above "recommendation" to shut down our site, we are still waiting for the refutation of the list of Qur'an contradictions. The above mentioned site has not changed / updated at all since then, and the "Greatest source ..." site even has disappeared completely.

As of today, November 3, 1997, this site has been dismantled and replaced by the much more sophisticated site "Answering Islam", a complete plagiarism of our site Answering Islam in form and topics, and in content nearly identical with Misha'al Al-Kadhi's book "What did Jesus Really Say?" Their site now says:

Christianity EXPOSED has moved...


Email: Palestine5@aol.com

This move resulted in a huge increase in quality and Al-Kadhi uses much more polite language, but still a lot of very ignorant stuff. And the punches below the belt are still there as Rami and Ali still have to add their own comments and further links to everything that is sick.

Final update: The site "http://members.aol.com/Stbarnbas" has become defunct as well. The story continues on this page.

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