Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

  • Islam Hates You

    Since 9/11 Westerners have wondered, “why do they hate us?” Even casual observers see that there exists a hatred, a rage, against non-Muslim countries, particularly Western ones. Is it true that Islam hates us? If so, why? Or does Islam love non-Muslims? Or is the answer somewhere in between? This article explores Islamic doctrine, and the life of Muhammad, to identify real Islam’s position towards non-Muslims.
  • False Prophet Muhammad, Fairytale Muhammad, and Harley Talman          (all three parts available now)

    Christians around the world are engaging and addressing the question "Was Muhammad a true prophet of God?" Their answers vary from a very positive "Yes!" to a very negative "No!", others are hesitating somewhere in between. What guidance should Christians use to answer this question? What aspects of Muhammad's life and ministry should be evaluated to make an informed evaluation? The three part article, "False Prophet Muhammad, Fairytale Muhammad, and Harley Talman" examines the question, identifies Christian criteria for such an evaluation, critiques Talman's argument, and answers the question from two perspectives based upon which Muhammad is considered.
  • Hug a Muslim?

    Considering the hew and cry we keep hearing about Islamophobia, it is amazing to read how a Christian went up to a Muslim stranger and offered to give him a hug. But what's even more incredible is seeing how he responded!

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