Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar –
    Islam’s Most Valuable “Useful Idiot”

    Since the Charlie Hebdo massacre a number of liberal organizations have again shouted that those killers were not real Muslims and that Islam does not promote violence. In that vein Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a prominent American Muslim basketball superstar, has again spoken out and decried the besmirching and criticism Islam suffers due to these Muslim terrorists. Jabbar argues that his Islam does not teach or condone the Muslim terrorist’s actions. But Jabbar makes a number of inaccurate statements about real Islam. The Islam that Jabbar portrays is quite different than the Islam that Muhammad lived and proclaimed. This article examines Jabbar’s claims and contrasts them with what Muhammad did and taught.
  • Reflecting on 2014

    2014 and early 2015 saw an unprecedented surge of terror attacks as well as counter-terror measures around the world. But most world leaders and journalists - in tune with Obama - are denying the war on terror has anything to do with Islam. While a vast majority of those killed in the war on terror are Muslims, a horrifying number of those being intentionally targeted are Christians. Open Doors recently released their annual World Watch List concluding that "Islamic violence throughout the world is spawning the most significant increase in the persecution of Christians on record." How we respond? Instead of seeking revenge the Bible instructs us to bless our persecutors and pray for them. The fact is we are in a (spiritual) war ...
  • Jesus’ Kingdom Versus Muhammad’s Kingdom –
    Is ISIS Islamic?

    The Islamic State’s (ISIS) establishment, growth, and political-military success, has caused considerable alarm in the West. Debates concerning their legitimacy and authenticity as an “Islamic” state are now occurring. Some pundits regard them as true Muslims practicing a perverted and extreme form of Islam while others regard them as simple criminals and thugs who are not true Muslims practicing true Islam. In order to determine if they are real Muslims practicing real Islam you have to compare their actions and teachings to the most “real and true” Muslim of them all: Muhammad. This article compares Muhammad and Jesus and the kingdoms they’ve established. It provides a very quick summation on how Muhammad established his “kingdom of Allah” and how the subsequent four Caliphs continued to lead, establish, and grow the “kingdom of Allah.”
  • Islam for Journalists: Errors and Omissions

    Journalism in the West has grown weaker when covering issues or topics related to Islam. Ignorance, bias, self-imposed or organizationally-imposed censorship has caused journalists to omit or miss the fundamental relationship between Islamic doctrine and the actions of Muslims. While Islamic violence grows worldwide and is ever before our eyes, self-righteous Western journalists bury their head in the sand and pretend that relationship does not exist. This self-binding and self-blinding trend continues through the efforts of Lawrence Pintak’s handbook “Islam for Journalists.” His booklet is critiqued in "Islam for Journalists: Errors and Omissions."

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